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RFS moves tonnes of metal to serve you better
Back to God's Country
Robert talks about RFS back in 2009 (In French)


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RFS moves tonnes of metal to serve you better

We are pleased to announce that we are finally settled down in our new place! We moved only a couple blocks from the old office, but it was still quite a challenge hauling the innumerable projectors, shelves and other thousands of steel parts. But it was worth the huge effort and we truly appreciate the help of the moving crew who did an excellent job in making sure that all the equipment was carefully handled. The only issue we encountered was having lost all internet communication for almost 2 weeks due to a faulty hook-up by our internet provider.

Back to God's Country

March 4, 2011
The Kingston Canadian Film Festival presented RFS with yet another opportunity to celebrate black-and white film.Back to God's Countrywas directed by David M. Hartford in 1919 and starred Nell Shipman,, a female Canadian film icon with a notable career as an actress, producer, writer and director. 

The silent film projection took place at the Grand Theater and was accompanied by pianist Philip Carli. The use of a blue filter to represent the night sky was a haunting and beautiful reminder of the techniques developed by filmmakers in the early 20th century.

Robert talks about RFS back in 2009 (In French)