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General Information
Sales are FOB Montreal.  Shipping, Insurance and Handling charges are extra.
We can ship worldwide.  Landing of goods, Brokerage and applicable Excise Taxes or Duties (etc.) are the responsibility of the purchaser.  We will prepare standard commercial invoices for your import brokers or agents.
Important:  Warranties and Guarantees vary according to each specific product.


Electricity:  Our small and mid sized rental packages require two separate electrical circuits to be provided at the projector's location.  These circuits should be provided in accordance to electrical codes and safety regulations that are in force at your venue.

Power Requirements:  2 circuits, each 115 Volts AC, 15 amperes per circuit.

Large Projector Packages have other requirements, please consult with us well in advance of the presentation date, to ensure a satisfactory installation.

Early Setups:  Standard Daily Rental Packages are quoted with a setup time (a "Call Time") 90 minutes prior to the presentation time.  If you would like us to set up before this time, additional hourly labor charges will apply.

Assistants:  We normally send only one technician.  Our projectionist/technician needs the assistance of one person, provided by the client, to help to erect the projection screen during setup and later to help lower the projection screen after the presentation ends (and the audience has left the venue).

It is the client's responsibility to ensure that the projectors are protected from direct access by the public.  Cordons or portable barricades are usually sufficient.

It is the client's responsibility to take reasonable measures to protect our equipment from theft or damage while it is at their venue.

Cancellation Deadlines
There is no charge for cancellations for Standard Package Daily Rentals (hereinafter called "SPDR") that are made 48 hours before the "Call Time".

The "Call Time" is the agreed arrival time to begin setup, it is not the show time.

If the "SPDR" is cancelled between 12 and 48 hours prior to the Call Time, 50% of the total rental fee is charged to the client.

If the "SPDR" is cancelled less than 12 hours prior to the Call Time, 100% of the total rental fee is charged to the client.

Outdoor Shows - Rain Cancellation
In the event of rainfall during outdoor shows, our projectionists reserve the right to suspend or cancel the presentation without refund.  Clients often establish an alternate interior venue near the outdoor site (if possible) for use in the event of rainfall or high winds.  A nearby arena or public hall is often used for such contingencies.

We require 6 hours advance notice if you change your venue to an indoors venue.  We cannot guarantee an installation in a different venue without prior notice.

Projectors and audio equipment can be protected from rainfall with temporary shelters.  Please consult with our technical staff to establish adequate protective measures.

Outdoor Shows - High Wind Cancellation
High Winds can damage our projection screens or in a worst case, cause them to collapse.  Our staff reserves the right to suspend or cancel a presentation without refund in the event of dangerous winds.

Outdoor Shows - Improvised Projection Screen Supports
Our projection screens require a rigid support structure behind them for security and safety, ie "a secure backstop".

Some improvised "backstops" for screens up to 20 feet (about 6 meters) can be:
 - An 18 foot Cube Truck parked behind the screen is often the easiest solution;
 - Two 20 foot-long shipping containers, stacked one atop the other;
 - A high wall with anchor points for 4 guy ropes (2 ropes per side);

Screens 16 feet across or smaller are easier to protect from high winds, please contact us to work out a "backstop" that is suitable for you.

It is the client's responsibility to provide a safe and appropriate backstop system for our projection screens.

Important Note Regarding Copyright & Licensing
Public presentation of films and videos usually requires licensing or releases from their copyright owners.  Robert Film Services only projects properly licensed videos and films.  This requirement might not apply to private screenings.  It is the client's responsibility to conform to applicable Copyright & Licensing Regulations.