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Have you seen the light of  Technalight™ ? 

We have re-engineered traditional Xenon projector lamphouses with the development of an entirely new system. Technalight™  is an energy efficient and cost-saving upgrade kit that retrofits directly into all existing 70mm, 35mm and 16mm Xenon projector lamphouses.

You can now benefit from a brighter and more precise projected image than ever seen before without increasing wattage. This technology simultaneously allows for a doubly efficient light output and greater image resolution.

     Up to 50% in Energy Savings
     Up to 70% brighter for Optimum Light Output
     Cooler Operation
     Longer Lamp Life
     Lower Wattage Bulbs
     Greater Image Precision
     Improved Image Dispersion
     Client Installable
     Adapts to Your System
     Revolutionary and patented technology

Technalight™ lamphouses are available for all types of commercial projectors.

Follow the trend of many popular cinema chains and adopt our trusted technology.
Technalight  Lamphouses – the science of perfection